In "soft" sciences like sociology, it's much more difficult to detect manipulation of research, than in "hard" sciences like physics. Soft science researchers who strive for objectivity deserve an extra measure of respect. Sadly, far too many researchers are more concerned with pushing an agenda than with objectivity. These same problems are not unknown in the world of journalism. Since the soft sciences and the media have a powerful influence on social policies in this country, this affects every family and every individual.

Breaking the Science is about the broken "science" that's being used to create law and drive social policy.


Image scans of Richard Gelles' “The Missing Persons of Domestic Violence: Battered Men”
Originally published in The Women's Quarterly.
Copyright © 1999, Independent Women's Forum, Used with IWF's Permission.

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Copyright © 1999, Independent Women's Forum, Used with IWF's Permission.